Included in the course fee

  • ​Program approved room and board (w/drinks)


  • Program approved in-country transportation (land, air, and sea)

  • Program approved armed security detail

  • Weapon Skill tutorials (up to 2 traditional weapons)

  • Money handling and barter skills

  • Local language tutorials (up to 3 dialects)

  • Red zone survival and local history tutorial

  • Course Level appropriate souvenir

course LEVEL 1  =  14 days in-country / $3,999.99

  • Non-refundable Payment in Full   USDA

  • Minimum 21 Years of age

  • Valid Passport (must be good for at least 6 months from time of departure)

  • Friendly demeanor and open mind

  • Reasonably good health

  • Signed NDA (non-discloser agreement)

  • Signed HHA (hold harmless agreement / death waiver

  • Signed EMD (emergency medical directive)

  • ​Strict adherence to boundaries set by The Private Sector

  • Balls of steel

​     Suggested Requirements

  • Life Insurance (any amount)

  • Ransom Insurance (10 million)

  • Traveling Insurance

  • Personal Body Armor (program will provide at needed times othewise)

  • Spending money for non-program activities

  • A willingness to try new things


Jacob Parman review.  Graduated Course# of 2009 and 2010

"First visit at 20, moved there at 21.... And all I have to say is:
You can't go wrong with the Philippines. Zamboanga City is the heart of it all, in my own opinion. Pack of Marlboro Reds for less than $2, pint of strong local brew for less than $2. If you're an angry drunk, feel free to beat the crap out of a banana tree, injury free. Nature's punching bag. Ball like a bo$$ at a local "nightclub" for the average monthly salary of a decent-wage local, working at least 40 hrs weekly.

Oh and if you're stuck in traffic, no problem. Some poverty-stricken orphan with makeshift tools and equipment will gladly hook you up with some cigs or soda or some "candy" for a few coins of peso. As far as fines/tickets for not wearing a seatbelt, no worries. You'll get verbally, but humorously butchered and your balls busted for wearing one the moment you get off the plane. Weave in and out of traffic with no traffic lines and no one ever gets in an accident. Yet here you drive from Seattle to anywhere and you want to blow your fn brains out cuz of the stupidity.

Drink Coconut Wine Tuba (tastes like vinegar mixed with moonshine with a hint of minty puke flavor) with toothless men on a corner, only IF you've had your shots though;). I guess you can get it without the toothless posse guarding your neighborhood since that's all they have to do all day every day essentially being homeless. It may just minimize that minty puke flavor. 😏 But yeah take a shot or two of that and hop on the top of a moving Jeepney (left from WW2 and pimped out flamboyantly for crowded public transportation) while locals look at you crazy, and some hoppin on just to kick it with you.

Travel from Barangay to Barangay, playing basketball with the locals and be treated like a rock star (FYI the Filipinos can ball on the court. Even if it is a dirt ground with bumps and tree trunks sticking up and a makeshift hoop and backboard of tin and rust. Bring your A game).

Kilometer or two away you hear the Mosques and see Muslims who could be peaceful or could be Abu Sayaff informants (jihadist terror group). Who knows. But instincts don't lie. Trust your instincts. Don't be a sheep, but no need to be afraid. Just keep that head on a swivel. Some are mutual acquaintances running local gun shops, others working towards their PHD and dressed to kill, and some look at you with the death stare. So pretty much like everywhere else in the world. Just use common sense and stay humble.

The Malls are cool too. Most of the locals go there to window-shop if they go regularly, so you'll feel like a celebrity doing your common 'Amercian spending money you don't have" type thing. I mean sure you have to go through bomb-inspection but it's still quicker, more professional and respectful than TSA. By Far!! And if you happen to have a firearm or knife you may get a free pass for being "Joe". Asshats in the US call that "white privilege". SF calls it winning hearts and minds. I call it fucking AWESOME.

The women 💙 💚 are just naturally beautiful too. Despite social status. Don't even have leg hair really;), Seriously. And they all have Celine Dion vocals. They love their Karoake. You can hear it every night wherever you just happen to be. Beware though, if you don't already.. you'll come
back HATING the song Zombie by The Cranberries. And even though we all have our level of crazy, they don't have the entitlement that American women do. (Take it easy ladies:). They'll treat you better. After all, you are a "walking passport". And somehow and some way deep in a jungle with rainbow colored spiders that have a 5-10 inch radius... You will hear Hip Hop. It is inevitable . Old school, new school, it's all relevant there.
Filipinos even bring the fanny-pack back to life and rock the "foaklies" (aka Fake ass Oakley sunglasses). But who dare criticize when those fanny packs are harboring pistols.

Cockfights are a norm. Underground, backyard or stadiums, take your pick. All great, all diff, and unique experiences. Bet what you like. Only time I ever felt ok about losing money, and I'll continue to lose some more. It's worth it.

Fruit, veggies, seafood and meat is fresh every day and sold off local Markets and street vendors for dirt cheap in comparison to the states. Even cheaper due to the exchange rate. Better in every way. By the way, the mangoes are to die for. Best international fruit as far as im concerned. The Philippine Mango. However the mango is 2nd best to their Tuna.

If you feel froggy, feel free to visit Basilan Islands in southern Mindanao (once considered the 2nd warfront on terror aka the 2nd Afganistan, and still a kidnap capital of the world), with head police escorts on a 12 man contingent, picked up by the Mayor's personal driver, 3 Hilux and at least 15 armed men with M16s and grenade launchers. To say the least. Visit recent and historical ambush sites and beaches with pink sand and crystal clear water. The ocean is damn near a hot tub depending on time of day and year. But you will chaff. Do you have the groin? Cuz you will chaff. Back in Zambo, Feel free to rent out a penthouse for a week for the a price far cheaper than your plane ticket.  Make no mistake, the Ferrie rides suck when traveling to other islands if not by air but the thought that a bomb could be on board keeps your mind preoccupied. No diff than taking a bus from Davao to Gensan City. Or it could be the guy sitting next to you polishing his expensive jewelry with chicken grease. Whole new level of BO$$.
Them Filipinos devour a plate of rice and tuna and "you name it" Mano-Mano (with their hands) yet eat chicken down to the bone using a spoon and a fork. It's actually an art. Not to mention you rarely see an obese person unless they are filthy rich and eat to gluttony. Or it's some wealthy foreign Perv there looking for some "companionship". To each their own. The average Filipino will make you feel like a bodybuilder but they are cut to sh*t. Straight yoked and naturally healthy.
Oh And America's fav drug, COFFEE. The coffee is amazing and the instant coffee somehow tastes even better. It's Amaaazing!! Waking up to a cup of goodness prepared by your personal Katulong (beautiful lady friend/maid) every morning as well as breakfast while you hear a wild chicken squawking outside cuz the deathly fire ants are eating it alive from the legs up... Priceless. Although it's hard to feel bad for the chicken when kids are running independent businesses off the streets and others are homeless but have bigger hearts than our own Blue collar folk. Not all, but take it with a grain of salt. Random kidnappings, beggars holding infants and the occasional bombing make you numb to the chicken's pain. After a while It starts to sound like music.

Oh and the maids make you feel like Batman, and they are far prettier than Alfred. Just sayin' 😏
You can find a church within any two block radius if you ever feel the need to "get right with Jesus". Some choose confession, others choose a dark room or their own closet. I find it easiest when on a dinky plane with turbulence heading to Bohol, or anywhere for that matter.

The Filipino people are very family oriented, well-educated, mostly bilingual, generous, extremely kind, smile profusely, easy to befriend and will back you through thick and thin just for treating them with respect and kindness yourself, or even giving them a simple gift (Pasalubong). True character. UTANG NA LOOB (Debt of Gratitude). Try to learn their language or local dialect (Tagalog, Chavacano, Visayan, etc.) and they are flattered and impressed despite how bad you butcher it. I find the most valuable words to be "Maganda ka" (you're beautiful) and "Mahal kita" (I love you). But the history of men in my family have good luck with cards and bad luck with women, hence my choice of value in those words;). They truly love their God and their own people. Hard working to the core. If there were anything or was anyone they did love more than their God.. It's is Manny Pacquiao, But can you blame them?!;)

Learn Arnis (Filipino stick fighting) and dab in a little Balisong (butterfly-knife type sh*t) while you're there. They are champions at both. I do not use the term champion lightly. Closest thing to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I've ever seen.

Local SWAT TEAMS and Soldiers, and Police are on random corners and business establishments armed to the teeth (depending on the area) and will greet you with a salute or smile just of their own accord, and maybe the admiration of you being a little crazy, or stupid. Who cares, it's respectable either way on their part. No Liberal bullshit there like here. RESPECT THE BADGE. And if you're lucky, the narcissistic you will get to take a pic with them holding their firearm. Men of Steel and Velvet. Warriors. RESPECT THE BADGE!

Beware of the stray dogs as well. Those Asos are assholes and will make you wreck your motorbike at 2am in the morning on purpose. It's as if they know you're intoxicated. It's a mystery. But feed them here and there and lo and behold you'll have an army of savages protecting your residence at all times. So there is always room for forgiveness;).

Anywhere you personally drive, random unemployed locals will valet park for you and baby-sit your ride for the equivalent of 50 cents or less. Makes you feel like a king. You feel like Robert Deniro and your wife like Sharon Stone from the movie Casino. All just for going to your local fast food Jolly-B to fill your drunken face with "McDonalds on Crack". Speaking of which there is no better place for "fiddles" after a night of drinking. But when standing in line, just be careful at staring at the hot piece of ass in front of you cuz 50/50 odds are it's a dude. "No such thing as chicks with dicks they will always be just dudes with tits.".

If you're lucky you'll meet a BAMF SEAL or two on "Sabbatical" rolling with AR-15s in black/chrome Escalades, and get in a friendly competition seeing who can get the most phone numbers from the Baklas (gays, tranvestites, transexuals, Transgenders, whatever.) It's all in fun when they look like an LA 7. Just don't leave your drink unattended 😎 and keep your dick in your pants.
"Char char char".

You can also get a tailored Armani Suit for roughly $300. 😎

And there is nothing more beautiful and frightening then a late night Thunderstorm. If you don't beforehand, you will believe in some sort of Higher Power.

Hard to say if there will be Culture shock cuz it's just too damn fun to care. I love the Country and Culture through and through. So if you don't try Lumpia, Balut, or RedHorse, your time is a BUST. You already know better than to avoid the Mango or Tuna.
Long Live the Philippines!
And God Bless the USA"





  Join us for an adventure you will remember until the day you die! Let us show you the indescribable beauty and wonder of one of the most dangerous places on earth the way only The Private Sectorcan. Experience the local cultures on a level that no other tourist will ever see.

  Cities, beaches, jungles, and mountains. Orchards, rice fields, fish ponds, mall shopping, and wet markets. Government armed forces, rebel factions, assassination gangs, and kidnap for ransom groups. Allow yourself to dive into the adventure and say yes to all we offer while finding out what you and your food are made of.

  Personal growth is guaranteed if you approach each challenge with an open mind and balls of steel. Call now to schedule your adventure and you too can take the next six months to grow a set before we begin.


  Your life is yours to defend. Defend responsibly, my friends.

Don Teague

Cory Burnham review,  Class of 2010

"I had the opportunity to experience the Private Sector’s Southeast Asian Adventure and it was one of the most amazing things I have ever done.  Day after day of experiences that you couldn’t access anywhere else in the world.  They provided me the ability to fine tune cultural and survival skills in one of the most beautiful and deadly places in the world.  I’ve traveled to several other regions since and been able to use this knowledge to be more aware of my surroundings and to be as prepared as possible when in foreign areas. 

I would love to the go through this training again with wiser eyes to see what the next level would reveal.  The Private Sector provides a great opportunity that is not matched by any other organization I have seen."

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